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Mosquito treatment is an integrated effort involving reducing conducive conditions plus the use of chemical control products when needed. Mosquitoes develop in water so eliminating these conditions is the more effective long-term approach to mosquito treatment but the mosquito treatment plan may require using chemical products to supplement conducive conditions.

Removing Conditions for mosquitos:

  • Inspect the property for current or potential mosquito breeding sites; such sites include old tires, cans, bottles, plastic cups, pools, bird baths or anything else which can hold water for at least 10 days. Roof gutters, drainage ditches, storm drains and flower pots should also be checked.
  • Check outdoor lighting to correct or reduce attraction of mosquitoes. Changing outdoor light bulbs from white to yellow or amber color will reduce attraction of most insects, including mosquitoes. Shades and curtains should be used, especially at dusk, to reduce the intensity of light which shines out through windows, especially those that face any nearby breeding site like a lake, pond, or stream which is not on the same property.

  • Keep pools and ponds regularly treated and circulating.

How we are different:

  • We don't do contracts so we won't come and spray when there isn't an issue. Depending on the rain and other environmental issues the treatment will last 6-12 weeks.  Let us know when you are ready for another treatment and we will come out in the next day or two. Not over treating is very important to protecting the environment and making treatment as economical as possible. 
  • We do everything digitally.  You don't need to be home for the treatment and we will email you the invoice that you can pay online or mail in a check. You can schedule via text or email as well if that works better for your schedule. 
  • All of our technicians are Certified Applicators which is the highest certification available through Texas Department of Agriculture. Commonly there is only one Certified Applicator per company. We take pest control and prevention very seriously so all of our techs have the highest certification and have been doing pest control for 6-10 years. 

treatment details:

Prescription pest uses Talstar P (EPA #279-3206), applied through a power sprayer, to all vegetation up to 8 feet high in the treated area. This product is safe for pets and people once it is dry. Please keep animals and people away from the area for 1-2 hours depending on the temperature. The treatment will kill mosquitoes on contact and has a residual effect. The duration of the effect depends on environmental factors such as available conducive conditions, rain and temperature. We recommend a treatment as needed.