Mosquito Control for You and the Environment

Mosquito control is an integrated effort involving reducing conducive conditions, controlling the population and the use of chemical control products when needed. We offer two solutions:

  1. Traditional pesticide

Spray every 4-6 weeks for mosquito control in conjunction with removing conducive conditions for mosquito breeding.

2. Environmentally friendly program

We are doing a pilot of the recently released technology using the In2Care system. The system attracts and kills female mosquitos and their larvae. It is the first system to use the concept of “auto-dissemination” using the female to distribute the larvicide to breeding sites around the trap. It uses mosquito targeted biological control agents to kill mosquitoes not insecticide.

How it works (see diagram to right):

In2care Product Disrupting mosquito lifecycle

In2care Product Disrupting mosquito lifecycle

The trap or 5L bucket is made of durable plastic and uses water with an odor lure to attract egg-laying mosquitos. One inside, mosquitoes land on the specially treated gauze ring near the water surface and get contaminated with a larvicide and a fungus. We use the fact that mosquitos like to divide their eggs over multiple sites; by letting them fly out of the trap while carrying larvicide on their legs. They transport the larvicide and contaminate other breeding sites around the area. This way larvae in small and hard to find breeding sources are also eradicated. The fungus she contracted will reduce her willingness to bite and eventually kill her, but after she has visited other breeding sites contaminating the water.

The In2Care system is not an eradication of mosquitoes. The male mosquitoes that have hatched previously will still be alive, though they do not bite. The females will be alive several days until the fungus kills them, but will not bite. You will see mosquitoes but not get bitten. It takes about two weeks for the next lifecycle of larvae not to develop and the population to drop significantly. If your area is heavily infested we can do a pesticide spray to kill all of the mosquitos and set up the In2Care system for management the remainder of the season. We will maintain the system every 4 weeks changing out the gauze strip with the active ingredients. At the end of the season we will pick up the buckets. For more details you can watch the In2Care YouTube Video and if you are interested in the science or research view their fact sheet or frequently asked questions.

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Removing Conditions for Mosquitos:

  • Inspect the property for current or potential mosquito breeding sites; such sites include old tires, cans, bottles, plastic cups, pools, bird baths or anything else which can hold water for at least 10 days. Roof gutters, drainage ditches, storm drains and flower pots should also be checked.

  • Check outdoor lighting to correct or reduce attraction of mosquitoes. Changing outdoor light bulbs from white to yellow or amber color will reduce attraction of most insects, including mosquitoes. Shades and curtains should be used, especially at dusk, to reduce the intensity of light which shines out through windows, especially those that face any nearby breeding site like a lake, pond, or stream which is not on the same property.

  • Keep pools and ponds regularly treated and circulating.